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What is SEO and How does it work? How to implement it in website

SEO Tips

Today we will talk about what is SEO and how does it works. Here you can also learn about the mistakes of your website. Why your website is not coming to the top in Google Search Engine. First of all, we should know what is SEO? , why we need SEO in website? So first of all know what SEO does.

Search engine is a kind of software program! That searches the keywords or phrases we searched for from all the websites and web pages available on the Internet! And shows all the results related to it on the results page.

Like – Google, Yahoo, Bing are Search Engines! Those who search for the data or phrases related to the keywords or phrases we searched for, show them on our results page!

For example, for the values, you searched on Google that “What is a search engine?” Google will match your searched keywords across all the databases and websites available on the Internet! And display all the data related to it according to its search ranking on your results page!

Now your mind should have been asking, “What is a keyword?

The answer is quite simple, whatever you search on Google or any other search engine, is called a keyword!

How Does Search Engine Work?

The functionality of a search engine is very complex! From searching any of our keywords to Result page, it works in a few steps! It is difficult for a user to understand its functioning! Let’s now understand it a bit technically!

A Search Engine completes the process of searching the content you searched for, showing results to 3 steps.

And these 3 steps are as follows:

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Ranking and Retrieval

So now let’s explore these three steps in detail in detail …


It has to find a simple meaning. Crawling is the first step to search a web page! There are automatic Spider, Bots, or Crawlers for any Search Engine! Who go to every single website available on the Search Engine, collect content and pages similar to the search keyword!

Crawler or Bots copy the title of a website, Keyword, Page links, Page layout and the website’s Cache!

According to Google, their Crawlers or Bots collect information from 100 to 1000 pages per second! Whenever Bots or Crawlers get a new page, they send it back to correct with back-end processing!


Indexing of the turn comes after the process of crawling! In this process, after listing Crawling, lists all the web pages and data from the database and list them. The same listing process is called indexing.

Let’s understand with an example: Let’s say that, you have a lot of books! Reading the names of all the books, the names of books and the pages of those books are called Crawling! And this lists the books according to their name or again Ranking, this process of listing is called Indexing in the language of search engine!

Ranking and Retrieval:

Ranking and Retrieval is the last and most important step for any Search Engine! Database and Web pages collected through indexing are ranked again by many properties such as Popularity, Content age and Content keyword!

There are lots of Algorithm for Ranking and Retrieval in every Search Engine. Because of which our search results will be ranked correctly! And whenever we do some searches, we will get the best results first!

Google used to rank searches for two things first!

1. Backlinks: In which it was seen that links to any website and how many websites! The website which had the highest backlinks, was placed at the top of the results!

2. Keywords: In this, the search keyword has an excess of the meaning of how many times a search key keyword is in the post of the website with that backlinks!



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