Toonly Review: Does it really worth to buy?

This is the Toonly review, the simplest DRAG AND DROP Explainer Video Creator.

You must have seen that wherever you go, you will mostly see animated videos. Whether it is your social media or any advertisement. The animated explainer video has grown a lot over time.

The main reason behind this is that this video attracts viewers. Also, you can easily create these videos in a few minutes with the drag and drop feature.

Toonly Review

Now let’s talk about Toonly. Toonly is a very easy-to-use software made by the same creators of Doodly. Like others, this is not a cloud-based software. You must have seen its advertisement on social media.

Creates Videos In Whiteboard, Blackboard & Glassboard.

So now our important question will be whether it is really like buying toonly? Is it better software than Doodly?

In today’s review, we will discuss toonly, its features and benefits.

Let’s dive in detailed Toonly Review…

Toonly: Product Overview

  • Vendor: Bryxen, Inc
  • Product: Toonly
  • Official Website: Visit
  • Support: Reputed vendor. Fast & Effective support team
  • Our Opinion: Highly recommended for all type of business holders and individuals

What is Toonly?

Toonly is an animated explainer video creator software that allows you to create animated videos. You can install it on your local system. It is not cloud-based software.

The main difference between doodly and toonly is that like doodly this is not whiteboard animation software. Toonly’s main focus is on design, characters and music.

With Toonly you can create explanatory videos such as marketing videos for a product or service, videos on how a product works.

One thing you have to fit in your mind is that you will not find hand animation in it. If you want to use hand animation in your video, then it is better to go with Doodly.

Like Doodly, this is easy to use software with drag and drop features. It does not require coding at all. Toonly comes with the library of pre-made people, objects and scenery.

In toonly, you will find a variety of pre-loaded scenes and objects for different niches and intention with built-in animation.

For example, if you have started your new business, you can create a video that provides information about the services you provide.

Toonly also gives you the option to import your own images. It can be background image, people and object. But you can’t set custom animations with imported objects.

In fact, you can’t even animate your imported objects by coding. Toonly offers no option for coding to make the software beginner-friendly.

The other thing about Toonly is that it doesn’t have an auto-save option. That means you have to keep saving from time to time.

toonly review

Toonly Review: Key Benefits

  • Easy To Use and cheaper:

The main advantage of Toonly is that it is very easy to use. You can create the video yourself.

Video is something that should satisfy the viewer. And for that, you have to go through one experiment after another. Then you can decide which thing actually works.

Now if you have hired freelancers for this job it can cost you dearly. Because for every little change we have to tell them. And all the time we also have to pay the charge.

Toonly can save you from these things and Toonly will also cost you cheaper.

Another advantage is that you can make changes at any time as you wish. The person you hired may not understand exactly what you require. And you don’t get the result you want.

So if you work on your own instead, it can give you the result you want. And having animation software is like a blessing.

Explainer videos are great. Because it gives a lot of information in less time and that is why viewers prefer to watch the video instead of reading a bunch of text.

The characters, scenery, music, animations in the video give the viewer a different experience.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

Toonly offers 30-days money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you can get full payment back.

Toonly Review: Features

  • Thousands of custom images: Your video will be unique because it is not a stock image.
  • Easy to use and learn: You don’t need any design or technical skills.
  • Install on as many computers as you want: You can use toonly on more than 2 computers with one license.
  • Easy to save and export: You can share your video on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. And can also publish on the website.
  • Regular Update

How does it work?

Toonly is incredibly user friendly. You don’t need any coding to create an animation.

Simply select the scene as you wish, drag and drop the objects and set the appropriate animation from the library.

If you want to add voice, you can record a voice-over straight into it.

In the end, save and export your video.

Any new beginner can create an animation video using toonly without any knowledge.

Pros of Toonly

Toonly is one of the easiest to use among all the animation software.

Downloadable software.

Multi-system use with one licence.

Huge library of people, music, and objects to choose from.

Requires Zero-coding.

It allows you to upload custom images.

Regular Updates.

Toonly is cheaper than most of its competitors.

30-Days Money-back guarantee.

Cons of Toonly

It doesn’t have an auto-save option.

You can’t animate custom imported images.

It doesn’t have free trial.

Toonly has no option to sync a sound with a specific animation. You have to record the audio first. Then re-listen the audio and at the point where you want to add the audio, pause the animation and add it.

Toonly vs Doodly

Toonly mainly focuses on a character moving around, doing things and doing an action.

Doodly uses a hand on the screen to explain things

Doodly is great when you have a lot of text to explain. Because it has more white space.

Where toonly is better for animation. From the marketing perspective, toonly is better to grab attention.

Toonly: Pricing Table

Monthly: Buy Now

toonly review

Annual: Save 49% | Buy Now

toonly review


Q) Can it be used on a PC and Mac?

Ans) Yes, Toonly is compatible with both Windows and Mac 32 bit or 64 bit. It requires Windows 7 or higher for Windows and Mac OS X 10.10 or higher.

Q) Is there anything to download?

Ans) Toonly is a powerful desktop application installed directly on your PC. After purchase, you can choose to download Windows 32 or 64-bit version as well as Mac version. It needs an internet connection as it pulls images from the internet and your saved project from the cloud.

Q) Does it require internet connection?

Ans) Toonly is a downloadable software. It will not require internet connection when using the tool.

Q) What kind of file does Toonly create?

Ans) Toonly create .mp4 video files that can be easily uploaded to video websites like YouTube.

Q) Which custom image file types are supported?

Ans) Toonly lets you add images in PNG, GIF and JPEG file formats. If you are considering importing animated GIFs, you can choose animation length. Also, you can import images in both colour and black and white.

Q) Is ordering completely risk-free?

Ans) Yes, Toonly offers 30-days money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you can get full refund.

Q) How to get support?

Ans) You can visit or contact: [email protected]

Q) Does it support multiple languages?

Ans) Yes! You can upload any font. You can upload .ttf file.

Q) Does Toonly create high quality files?

Ans) Yes, Toonly allows you to create high-quality video files.
Export options include:
Resolutions from 360, 480, 720, 1080, & 4K
Quality from Low (62%) – Maximum (100%)

Q) How to get updates?

Ans) Toonly regularly updates its library. You will be alerted to update your software.

Final Words

So I hope you’ll find this Toonly Review helpful. Toonly is a quick and inexpensive way to make your own videos. It’s simple and easy to use.

Everyone is using videos because videos are shown up on Google search results.
Having videos is good SEO.

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