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Why should not use Free Web Hosting?

Free Web Hosting

All Big Bloggers say that Free Website Hosting should not be used. But why do they keep saying this? Have you ever thought about it if you do not, think about it, because if you are a blogger then you must know about it. Since we know if someone has to start a new blog, there are two things to do for that, Domain Name and Space Hosting. And these two things get free nowadays.But the thing to think about here is why somebody gives you these things free of charge, what’s their reason behind it.

This free website thing is a very enticing thing. There are many such companies in the internet, so that is providing all these things in Free. So today we will learn about this in our article why we should not use Free Web Hosting. Then let’s start Without delaying and know why we should not do this.

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What is Free Web Hosting?

As it is known by its words, some company websites are required to create whatever platform they want. Such websites are called ko free websites. All the beginners who want to create a new website or blog have to rein in their expenditure. Because of which they find such tricks on the internet so that they can make their website in a very cost-effective manner. And in this way they find the most appropriate free service. Because they get everything here without any cost. But this was an aspect of coin and there is also a second aspect that many people miss. Which we will learn in detail today.

Slow Websites

Like this, Free Website hosting provider hosts hundreds of thousands of websites in one server, due to which the website is quite slow and it is not a good thing for your SEO. Along with this, your visitors will be very tight with this too.

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Inappropriate Web Address

If you are using any such website hosting provider, you may see that the website address you get in it is like which is not a professional at all. And visitors will not take your website so seriously because it does not have any type of name, it is not even professional and if you speak to give these company custom domain or you will be asked to pay.

Trial Service is not free

As it is offered in their offers, they will provide you with Free Website Service, but many such offers are often limited. You will be asked to pay this once you have finished, and whose prices are much higher than the normal web hosting service. And if you had given your credit card details at the time of signup then sometimes it happens that you can also cut off the money without asking it.

hidden Charges

Like the rest of the business, they also want money to maintain .They also offer some additional services such as hosting images, email accounts, FTP access, Website Transfer, for which they keep money from you.

Unrelevant Ads

These mostly earn money from all ads for free website services. You create your website and put your own content into it, but by putting ADD into it, they get money. Often these adds are quite irrelevant, which make your website inauspicious, and for which you can not do anything.

They can also lock your data

As many users start blogging themselves from the free website. And when they have so much money, they tend to pay service. But the Service Provider does not offer you any such tool so that you can migrate easily. And finally, by hiring a freelancer, you have to do this job and he takes money from you again.

shut down your website anytime

You may not have paid much attention when creating your website, but it is clearly stated in their Terms and Conditions that they can close your website. And despite Shutdown, they don’t give you any data or backup.

No Security

There is nothing in the name of security in their website, due to which hackers can easily enter the free websites and do whatever they like. This is also very likely due to data loss of bloggers. Do not take responsibility for safety, so bloggers face a lot of trouble.And due to which your data is never safe.

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Limited Bandwidth

This service provider provides a lot of work bandwidth in such a free website, so that there are many problems with the operation of the website and this is not suitable for any website.

Low Disk Storage

As we already know, it hosts thousands of websites in one server. Now you can estimate yourself how much space allocation will be in the part of a website. That’s why all websites are getting much less space. And if your website becomes a little bit different then you need to pay for additional space allocation.

Limited Design Choices

You have very little facilities here to design your website as well. You have very little facilities here to design your website as well. So that your website can not get that individuality which is very much needed.

No Help or Customer Service

Here, like any other Website Hosting Company, you can not get help from their Customer Care if you are in trouble. Here you will have to do everything yourself, with the help of resources available there. You also have to solve your own problem by yourself.

No Backups

You have no facilities here to back up your website.If at that time someone becomes unaware of whom you do not already know then you will have to lose your data, which is not quite acceptable.

waste your time in the free website

You should never start with the Free Website if you are very serious about your blogging carrier. It’s not quite reliable, safe, handy, as you know. Its use will make your website year-round in growing. So let me never believe in the illusion of these free websites. I know that you want to keep your budget at least, but if you believe that there is a cheap domain and hosting that is right for you in the same low budget. There are thousands of companies in the market that can provide you with this service at reasonable prices. Always remember that it is a matter of wisdom to always make a house on our own land.

I hope I’ve given you full information on why people shouldn’t use Free Web Hosting and I hope you guys understand Free Website Hosting.I am convinced of all the readers Share this information with your neighbors, relatives, friends too, so that we are aware of our interactions and that will benefit everyone greatly.I need you people’s support so that I can bring you even more new information.

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    Ryan kauppila

    Excellent Article! I started out with my first WordPress website and hosting through ipage, nearly three years ago. It’s been a wonderful learning experience that I wouldn’t trade. I’ve always thought of the possible limits to having a “free website” and your article has more than confirmed some of my deepest concerns. Ten WordPress sites later and I don’t see any chance of slowing down in sight. It’s a great feeling to know that every site that I build is mine from A to Z! Thanks again, great information

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