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What is Dark Web and how does it work?

Dark Web and how does it work

You all might be using Internet, but do you know what this dark web is? If not then this article of today is going to be very informative for you. In today’s time, all our activities, whether they want to buy something online or talk to someone, for all the information we have to depend on the internet.

In such a situation, you may think that you know everything about the web world, and perhaps you have also practically explore everything, on the internet. But you might have been shocked to know that we only know about 4% of internet.

Google, Yahoo or any other search engine cover only up to 4% of the entire web world, and above that 96% of the web does not really know anything about us and it is beyond the reach of a common man.This large uproar is called Dark Web only.

This dark web contains all things like selling of online drugs, pornography, hacking and all kinds of illegal things that are against our rules. It is also illigal to visit such dark websites and dark web. It includes our country, along with other countries.

Apart from some antisocial activities, this dark web is a lot of work too. Here’s how you use it. If you have to know more about what the Dark Web is and how it works then you have to stay with us. So let’s begin without delay.

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What is Dark net

The part of Dark Web Internet is called that which is not indexed by Search Engines. If you say that Dark Web is a part of Deep Web’s According to the researchers, only 4% of the internet is visible to the general public and it is called Surface Web.It also means that 96% of the rest of the internet is made up of “The Deep Web or Dark Web“.

This dark web contains websites that are not visible to the public, because their IP address details are deliberately hidden. Such websites can be seen using the right tools, but it is impossible to find their server details. They are equally difficult to track them completely.

You can use many anonymity tools to access the Dark Web. Some of the popular tools are Tor and I2P This dark web is very popular for people with both black market and user protection, so they both have positive and negative aspects too.

What are Dark Net Markets?

Those industries that operate in these dark web are called darknet markets only. There are also many black products of illegal products, such as porn, child traffic, government secrets, defence secrets etc. Here are all the tasks which the government and law enforcement agencies oppose.

Here you can buy credit card numbers, hack all types of drugs, guns, stolen money, stolen subscription credentials, all hacked Netflix accounts and software which can help you to hack anyone’s computer system.

How does Dark Web work?

This dark web work is completely different from our usual websites. You can not access these dark websites with the help of these normal web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Safari etc.

To visit them, you have to use a special web browser called Tor. Only this browser can open websites of dark web in your system. The same extensions of dark websites are also very different. Such as .onion which is highly encrypted domain name, is used for these dark websites.

Well it is not easy to penetrate into it, that you just login and enter this dark web. You have to follow some things to enter it. Let’s know about them.

1. First of all, you will need a secure VPN service that protects your identity from others. Because this side of the web is not that much secure and many hackers are always roaming around in these dark web parts.

Therefore, you should use a secured VPN service to keep yourself and your data safe. As you wish, you can use Nord VPN, Strong VPN, HideMyIP, Cactus VPN, Kepard VPN and HideIPVPN.

2. Secondly, you have to download Tor Web Browser so that you can secure login in the dark web.

Note : Always download Tor Web Browser from official websites, as you can get many duplicate web browsers in the internet, which can later become a problem for you.

3. Once you have securely install Tor Web Browser, then you should close all apps and programs so that you can easily crawl in dark web.

You can use GRAM search engine if you want to search Dark websites. It is very similar to Google and it has been specially designed for dark web.

Complete Detailed Guide: How to Access Dark Web from Your Computer

Here today we will learn how to access the Dark Web with the help of your computer. Together we will also look at all the small things related to it.

Step 1 : Choose a great VPN Service for yourself. Whether you are using TOR or not. You should still use a VPN service.

You need to take special care of your anonymity and security. That too when you are using Dark Web.

Never be fooled by your ISP’s and Law Enforcement not tracking your activities. By the way, those who use the Tor Browser use a very secure network for themselves.

There was recently a news report about the vulnerability of TOR, where the real IP address of those who used TOR was hacked. So that they could easily be tracked. So if you use TOR then update it soon. And it is common to have such vulnerability.

Just using a VPN software, it hides you and your IP address from ISP and Government agencies. Along with all your internet usage also encrypt it. So finding your real identity becomes almost impossible.

The second benefit is that using a VPN keeps you away from hackers, which can easily steal your identity and personal files from your computer. So soon you should install a VPN in your system.

Step 2 : You can not open Dark Web by using a common browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. To get access to Dark Net, you also have to download a dark web browser which is also called TOR browser bundle. Use only the official TOR website, never download it from any other websites.

TOR Official Website: By closing all the programs, you can use Tor Browser.

Step 3 : Install the TOR browser bundle in your PC. When the download is complete, you can double-click the downloaded file, along with the destination folder, and then select the extract.

Step 4 : Start TOR Browser

Open the folder where you extracted TOR browser and then double-click “Start Tor Browser”.

Now TOR start page will open in your browser window. Just congratulating you, you have opened the door of the Dark Web. Now you can enter a new world.

Can browsing the Dark Web be dangerous? how?

In fact, browsing the Dark Web can be very dangerous, if you have not noticed some things. So let’s learn about them which you can keep away from yourself and avoid these problems.


Some websites can infect your devices with viruses, and these are very different types of viruses in the dark web. So keep in mind that do not download anything from websites you do not trust.


You should stay away from these hackers. Because it can easily hack your devices. In Dark Web there are many hacker forums where you can hire these computer hackers, many to illigal activities. Then remember that your system can easily hack.

Webcam Hijacking

There are also websites in the Dark Web which will be used to install a remote administration tool – also known as “RAT” – to install it in your device. It will happen that they can easily hijack your webcam. They can then keep track of all the activities of the camera lens.

So you can always cover the face of the lens with any paper or clothes while browsing the Dark Web.

What is Surface Web or Clear Web?

Surface Web is also called Clear Web / Clear Net. This shows the normal internet / world wide web where you can do all the things that you do in everyday life such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, online shopping, from Amazon or Flipkart.

All the websites and web pages of which a search engine such as Google can search can be called Clear Net or Surface Web. This is only part of the whole 4% of the internet.

What is Deep Web?

These are the other parts of Internet that come after Surface Web. The search engines index can not sites on these deep web sites.

These include many web pages such as membership logins, all company and organization web pages etc. There is no illegal thing in the majority part of DeepWeb.

What is Dark Web or Dark Net?

Dark web is a small part of Deep Web where all the illegal things are available. Most of the Dark Web is encrypted, so they can be accessed only by a browser that can open them like TOR Browser.

Websites of Dark Net can not be found in traditional search engines. In these Dark Net, you can get all the illegal things like drugs, counterfeit goods, weapons, as well as hacking sites, X-rated sites, bitcoin buying and selling.

Why Deep web and Dark Web exist?

Both deep web and dark web offers privacy and anonymity.

These deep web helps protect the personal information that you want to be private.

For example, when you access your bank account, it is not completely private. Here the bank knows that you have accessed your account.

The same dark web operates with full anonymity. Whatever you do is your business. Nobody knows anything. If you take a few precautions then you can not be tracked or trace at all.

For some people, privacy is a very big concern on the internet. They should have control over all their personal information that standard internet service providers and websites often collect from us.

Freedom of speech is also an issue, and some people will take their argument about this same privacy and anonymity. This is the reason that law-abiding citizens pay more attention to the privacy of the Tor Browser.

Anonymity has its own positive effects – such as being able to easily express your views which can be unpopular, but not illegal. And dark web also helps in making such things possible.

How to use Dark Web safely?

You have to understood this, this part of the web is completely hidden and illegal for some reasons. So you can not burst on login here.

You will need to give some special attention to its security, when you are visiting these dark websites. As you should cover your microphone and camera when you are visiting these dark websites and should never use your personal details.

If you are using these dark websites correctly, such as project search, then this is a very good thing. But if your intention is not correct then keep in mind that the eyes of the police are always on you. So only enter dark web only when you need it, otherwise not. Or then when you have good intentions

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I hope you like this article of mine what the Dark Web is. I always try to get the full information about what the readers have to say about the darknet, so that they do not need to find any other sites or internet in the context of that article.

This will also save Your time and will get all the information in one place.

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