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What is Software? How many types are there?

What is Software? How many types are there?

In the previous article, we learned about programs and programming languages. In that article we learned that software is used to create a computer program. So in today’s Article we will know what the software is and how many types it has.

What is Software?

Software is a set of instructions that instructs a computer to do a specific task. Software is a general term used to refer a script or application that can be run on computer.

Types of Software

Computer software can be widely classified into two categories. Refer the following image that describes software categories in a best way.

Software Hierarchy

1. System Software

System software is a collection of programs that interfaces with the hardwareSystem software controls the internal computer operation.

→ System Management Program

Operating System, Device Drivers, System Utilities are the examples of System Management Program. Operating System is the most important system software that is required to operate a computer system. An operating take care of scheduling multiple jobs for execution, manages the computer’s resources effectively and manages the flow of data and instructions between input/output units and the main memory.

→ Developing Software

Programming Languages, Language Translator, Linker and Loader are the examples of Developing Software. Language translator is a system software that transforms a computer program written by a user into a form that can be understood by the computer.

2. Application Software

It carries out necessary operations for a specific application to function.There are two categories of application software: General Purpose/Pre-written software packages and Specific Purpose/User application programs. A powerful application software do not require programming knowledge. They are easy to learn and use compared to programming languages. User application programs are written to meet the exact requirement.

→ General Purpose Software

Word Processor, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Image Editor are the examples of Genera Purpose Software.

→ Specific Purpose Software

Reservation System, Attendance System, Billing System, Report Card Generator etc. are the examples of Specif Purpose Software.

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