Norton Antivirus Review – Is it Really the Best? (2020 Update)

After reading this full review at the end, download Norton Antivirus. In this Post, Expert Review also added, After Research and Experiment by myself the Final Review is here.

Our Determination

Security is one of the main aspects nowadays in the era of the digital world. Being an IT engineer, I go through many security issues and situations in which I stuck because of feature limitations or lacking perfect functionalities.

But as I came to found the latest release of Norton Antivirus, I can undoubtedly say that Norton has come with the best security features and all-around internet security packages.

Norton 360 comes with incredible features including antivirus protection, Secure VPN, Password Manager, Cloud Backup, parental control, and a 60-day-money-back-guarantee.

Norton 360 is practically perfect in terms of security features, ease of use and value. And with the current $50 off beginning offer, this is my 2020 top antivirus hands-down.

Comprehensive Investigation:

Most of the security software has an issue of slow performance and complicated interface. Also, that annoying notifications pop-up. Norton 360 has eliminated all these bad characteristics.

Norton has clearly worked hard to improve its product and created something extraordinary. Throughout the past few years, Norton Antivirus has established itself as a pioneer in the information security market.

Norton 360 Security Highlights:

Norton 360 has 5 core security features:

  1. Device Security
  2. Secure VPN
  3. Cloud Backup
  4. Password Manager
  5. Parental Control (Only comes with 360 Deluxe and 360 Premium)

The detailed analysis of each feature is documented here. To know Plans and Pricing, see the section below.

Device Security

Norton has developed its own antivirus technology called ‘SONAR’ – ‘Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response’.

SONAR uses various techniques to defend the computer from malware. SONAR uses heuristics to evaluate file activity in addition to the conventional description and signature-based antivirus techniques.

Norton passed the major security factors test. It quickly quarantines malicious files, stops the suspicious files from being run, stops the resembled attempts to encrypt files and CPU hijacking for cryptocurrency mining.

Also, the full system scan doesn’t take too much time. Norton 360 can complete the full system scan in less than 2 hours. And what’s amazing is that you can use your device without any slowdown in the scan cycle.

Additionally, the malware not quarantine by real-time protection can also be detected by a full system scan. I’ve tested it myself and Norton has completely lived up to my expectations.

So, this testing reinforced Norton’s excellent reputation for antivirus. I can clearly say that Norton deserves the top position in the malware protection tool’s list. Also, Norton’s security tools are lightweight, fast and easy to use.

As I told previously, you can get a full refund under Norton’s “Virus Protection Promise” if the Norton can’t remove a virus from your infected device.

Secure VPN

Now the most essential factor of Norton 360-Secure VPN will surely surprise you. VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps you to protect your data like financial data, personal information, password, banking information that you store on your device when you use the internet.

I personally advise you to use VPN while using a public Wi-Fi network like city malls, cafes, etc.

As I stated, Norton developed its own technology SONAR. Norton Secure VPN uses that network that has a strict “no log” policy.

That means that Norton Secure VPN doesn’t record your browsing history and your identity. Norton’s secure VPN keeps your online activity truly private and fulfill the VPN’s actual purpose.

Some VPN provider companies – especially the free ones – track your browsing history, but Norton doesn’t do that and sent highly encrypted traffic to the internet.

This means that if someone tries to decrypt and catch your traffic, they won’t be able to see what you’re doing if you are using Norton’s Secure VPN.

Another feature is that a secure VPN helps you to mask your real location by linking secure servers around the globe.

Norton has a huge Symantec network with servers in over 30 countries. If you compare Norton with other company’s VPN, the Kaspersky’s has servers across 18 countries and McAfee has servers across 22 countries.

Another great thing is that Norton Secure VPN allows you to use boundless data. Are you shocked and surprised?!! Yes. You heard it right. Unlimited data usage.

Many companies or I can say most of the companies put data limits on their VPNs. For e.g., Kaspersky has 300 MB/day, Bitdefender has 200 MB/day data limit.

But based on my view, it’s not a great deal as VPN can slow down your internet speed.

Norton’s VPN has failed to impress in terms of VPN speed. This can be one drawback. But apart from that, Norton’s “no log” policy and unlimited data can beat the other companies.

Cloud Backup

The “Cloud Backup” feature provided by Norton provides safe remote storage for your important files.

Cloud backup can be advantageous when your device got hijacked by ransomware or another dangerous virus.

You know what the ransomware does. Hackers use ransomware to attack your system and encrypt your data files and force you to pay money for the decryption key.

Using cloud backup, you can avoid paying money for your important data encrypted by ransomware.

If you’re using cloud storage, if your original data gets encrypted, this won’t affect you too much.

Norton’s 360 standard plan includes 10 GB, Norton 360 deluxe offers 50 GB and Norton 360 Premium offers 75 GB of cloud backup space.

These are comparatively cheap and excellent plans among all other competitive plans.

Norton’s cloud backup is very convenient. It lets you choose what to backup and where to backup. Additionally, it lets you backup files by file-type.

You can schedule weekly backup, monthly backup, and impressively an automatic backup.

Norton’s automatic backup feature can backup files whenever you are not using the computer. This reduces the chance of system slowdown.

Password Manager

Norton password manager lets you:

  • Store usernames, passwords, text notes, contact details, payment card details using secure 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Generate a strong password.
  • Appraise the strength of your existing passwords.
  • Change passwords automatically on over 60 sites.
  • Autofill login details, addresses, and payment information as you browse the web.

You can install the Password Manager browser extension. After installing the extension, Norton will help you to create a password vault.

Password Vault is a place where you can keep all your passwords. The password vault has a simple and clear interface so you can easily use it.

The ‘Safety Dashboard’ tool in the password vault gives you an overall score of the all password’s strength.

You can consider this feature as a safety factor because Norton will not fill the password on unverified sites directly.

Like Google Chrome’s password manager, Norton’s password manager will also ask you to save your passwords.

Norton can also detect username and password fields. It didn’t fill the password field immediately. It will ask you to fill the password before proceeding further.

Norton Antivirus Review Auto change Password
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Norton password manager has an “Auto change Passwordfeature which can automatically change your password on 60 appropriate sites including Facebook, Amazon, and eBay with just one click.

An auto-change password is a very rare feature and impressively Norton’s password manager can do that.

Other popular password managers Dashlane and LastPass provide a similar feature. LastPass’s version works on 50 sites where Dashlane’s version can work on 300 sites which are very highly developed.

Norton provides a Password generator. You can create a strong password with up to 64 characters including a combination of upper-case, lower-case characters, numbers and symbols.

Parental Authority

Investment in parental control software is crucial. Based on my view, every parent should aware of their children’s online activity.

They should control the stuff available on the internet for their children’s safety. Because inappropriate content can lead your child’s thoughts in the wrong directions.

Norton comes with the best parental control. You can track your child’s activity including device location, hours spent online. You can also set the time limit to be allowed for your children.

Norton gives you a very interactive and easy interface to set up parental control. To do so, simply follow the below steps:

norton antivirus
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  • Create a profile for your child under Parental Control. Norton has predefined 4 age groups. You can simply select an age group from that.
  • Once you finish setting up a profile, install the ‘Norton Family’ app on your child’s device.
  • Norton family app will ask you for the device permissions. See the image below for reference
  • You can limit the access of apps for a specific time in a single day. Once the limit has reached, your child won’t be able to use those apps.

Once you enabled Location Supervision, Norton will show your child’s location on Google maps.

Norton is very transparent. And every parent should be transparent to their children. Norton has a feature called “House Rules” where children can see the rules and which activities are being monitored.

Norton doesn’t provide any way to turn off this “House Rule” feature.

You can also get the weekly report on the email.

Norton Parental Control feature is only available with the Norton 360 Deluxe and Norton 360 Premium plans.

Nortin Antivirus Plan
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The Norton Antivirus desktop interface has a link to the company’s support website and 24/7 technical assistance. You can get support from technicians by phone, online chat, and email.

You can get subscription of Ultimate Help Desk service for $150/year (for one PC or Mac), or $20/month (for up to three systems).

What I Prefer:

  • Sonar technology provides a powerful defense against all types of malware.
  • Parental control and cloud backup are the best features of this type that I have never used.
  • Other additional features including Norton Password Manager and Secure VPN.
  • The best Android mobile security app available.

Norton Antivirus – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free version of Norton Antivirus?

There are some free Norton Antivirus tools available to PC users (unfortunately there is no free software available to Mac users). Which include a scanner for malware, and a password manager. There are however no free versions of their most common products, including Norton 360.

Is Norton Antivirus compatible with my system?

Norton is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android users.

iOS users would need to updateiOS 8 or higher on their Apple devices.

Does Norton scan the external hard drives for viruses?

Norton’s antivirus software does check for viruses and other malware threats on external hard drives. Before running the Complete System Scan make sure your external hard disk is connected to your Desktop or Mac.

Norton Antivirus Review
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