KeySearch Review-A Complete Suite of SEO & Marketing Tools

This is the keysearch review, an SEO tool that is a much cheaper alternative to Ahrefs

As a blogger and internet marketer, we’re always looking for the one SEO resource that can make a difference.

That one resource which will differentiate us and give us an advantage over the competition.

Ahrefs is one of those apparatuses. This is extraordinary compared to other SEO tools out there.

Ahref is not suitable for bloggers and individuals like you and me.


Because its price may soon start to cut our profits.

Paying $99 every month for is not worth it.

That is the reason a couple of months prior I set out to locate an option to ahrefs that are (if worse) like ahrefs.

In my Review, I discovered many SEO tools and software. Some were acceptable and others were not in any case worth referencing.

This was the point at which I came to KeySearch

Here, I will share the good and bad of KeySearch with you and how it works against big giants like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz.

Let’s Dive In Detailed KeySearch Review…

KeySearch: Product Overview

  • Vendor: Dan Pfeffer
  • Product: KeySearch
  • Official Website: Visit
  • Discount: Yes
  • Support: Reputed vendor. Fast & Effective support team
  • Our Opinion: Highly recommended for beginners and individuals

What is KeySearch?

KeySearch is a complete suite of SEO and marketing tools that comes with keyword search, backlink analysis, SERP and competitor analysis and much more.

It was founded by Dan Pfeffer in 2015. It was originally started as a niche keyword research software. But later it has grown as a powerful SEO suite.

It is easy to use and a web-based tool with lightning speed. It does not require any software to be installed.

Their customer service is really super fast and good as well as I overpaid accidentally and they refunded it on the same day in a few minutes after I opened a ticket with them. One of our Reader Review (Pravin Dutta)

KeySeach: Features and Benefits

In my KeySearch review today, I will talk about the key benefits and features of KeySearch that will help you make the decision to buy this tool.

KeySearch: Key Benefits


Unlike other SEO tools such as ahrefs and SEMrush, KeySearch came with affordable plans and pricing.

These plans are suitable for beginners and individuals who are not a well-established agency.

At the beginner level, you are on a stage where you’re not confident about buying blogging and SEO tools. You have just started learning.

In that stage, you are afraid of buying expensive tools like ahrefs($99/month starter plan) and SEMrush($99.95/month starter plan) of course.

SEO is the key to success. For me and other bloggers, quality content is a king.

To build a blog with the quality content, you must need an SEO tool. Bloggers do not need to use SEO tools day-to-day. For that, spending $99/month is not worthy.

Trust me, if you want to learn SEO, prefer KeySearch at the beginning. It will give you almost all the tools to do SEO. Read this KeySearch review to the end to learn all of its benefits.

Opportunity Finder

Opportunity Finder is a tool that helps you identify sites within your niche where you can develop your brand, traffic, and likely backlinks further.

It lets you find guest hosting opportunities, forums, and blogs quickly and easily.

All of this is displayed in a format in which you can see the site stats found, their link metrics, traffic, keyword rankings, brief summary, etc.

When you open this page, it gives you three options called Guest Posts, Forums and Blogs.

keysearch review
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Guest Post option finds websites that are accepting guest posts to help you earn links, traffic, and exposure.

In other words, these are the websites that allow you to write a blog for them and in return, they give you a backlink. This is a great way to go for a white-hat link building.

For example, Medium

Forums are the place to find other people interested in your niche. This can be very helpful in building a brand by engaging in these forums.

You can build your brand by providing expert tips, quality answers, and good conversation.

Blog option finds the blog websites with commenting enabled. Commenting is also very useful for link building.

In this way, you can find your targeted audience and leads them to your website.

Content Assistant

For all the bloggers and content writers, this is a great feature. This is not a typical on-page SEO optimization tool.

But the main goal of this tool is to maximize the ranking and traffic of the target topic.

Instead of concentrating on the technical SEO aspects of our post, Content Assistant helps us to break down what kind of content Google is searching for inside the top-page results and enables us to get the most out of any post we create.

By searching a keyword, it displays the keyword competition, word count of the post which is ranking on Google’s first page, recommended keywords and the list of words that must be present in your content.

KeySearch is not just a keyword research tool but it is a full-fledged SEO powerhouse. It gives you all the tools you need to spy on your competitors.

Understanding KeySearch tools and features:

Keyword Research

The keyword tool gives you multiple ways to find niche related keywords. By searching keywords, you will get a list of keyword suggestions with their search volume, CPC and PPC data.

keysearch review
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Filter and refine your search with different related keywords, Search engines including Google suggest, YouTube suggest, Bing Suggest,

eCommerce platforms including Amazon Suggest, eBay suggest and KeySearch’s database.

keysearch review
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Like ahrefs and SEMrush, this tool also provides the facility of finding keywords through URLs.

So, you may easily find the keywords your competitors are ranking for using the ‘Competitors Keywords’ option from the list.

In the ‘Search Trends’ section, you can find the ‘Domain’ option through which you can select a domain to search keywords.

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Simply click on Domains [+] button and select the domain you want to search for. You can select up to 8 domains at a time.

keysearch review
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The right [✔] sign indicates whether the keyword for a specific domain is ranking or not.

If the keyword for any domain is not ranking, it will show a red cross [❌] sign.

The ‘Deep Analysis’ option will give you a keyword result with Google’s first page results and LSI keywords.

keysearch review
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In the right pane, you will get a list of keywords with search volume, CPC, PPC, and difficulty score.

This section will give you a facility to save keywords, bulk check keywords, keyword comparison, and to export the list.

You can check keyword difficulty by clicking the ‘Check’ button from the keyword suggestion in the right pane.

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The ‘Bulk Check’ option gives you the ability to perform a search for multiple keywords. Simply select the keywords and click on ‘Bulk Check’.

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The ‘SERP Analysis’ section will give you a result with the top 10 searches result. You can check every difficulty score of each URL in this section. The color codes for SERP analysis are as follows:

  • Light Blue: The competition is very low.
  • Light Green: The competition is fairly low.
  • Green: The competition is easy-moderate.
  • Yellow: The competition is moderate.
  • Light Red: The competition is fairly difficult.
  • Red: The competition is very difficult.
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One thing that I dislike is that the top 10 list simply shows the URL.

It does not show the title of the URL page ranking for the keyword. We have to manually copy that URL and search that page.

In the ‘Ranking/Traffic’ section, you can check for which keywords are rank for, the estimated traffic for that specific URL and the organic keywords and traffic for that specific domain.

Simply click on the arrow button to see the result of a specific URL score.

keysearch review
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The problem with this difficulty scores:

The columns we see in the table with the top 10 results are the basic metrics that can be used to analyze the competition.

Also, the color system may confuse the person who has limited SEO skills.

If you really want to analyze the competition, you will need to go for each site and do the research on how strong is their On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

In which niche their website is? How much the quality content is. Is their website using a good structure? The number of articles. How old these websites are? How old their domains are?

These are the parameters to analyze the websites and take an idea of how to improve your own website by adding/improving these parameters.

At this time, the SEO comes into a picture. Only keyword research cannot help you to rank. You must need to do SEO by considering the above points.

Competitors Keywords

This option helps you to find which keywords the competitors are ranking for.

You can enter the domain name in the search box and select ‘Competitors Keywords’ from the drop-down menu and it will give you a list of keywords.

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The interface is the same as regular research while the functionality is different. So this can be confusing. But that is not a problem at all. You can take an overview easily.

Quick Difficulty

The Quick Difficulty tool gives you the facility to check keyword difficulty of the entered keywords. You can add up to 50 comma-separated keywords at a time.

This feature is similar to keyword research. It is advised to do regular keyword research before using this.

Because of the regular ‘Keyword Research’ feature gives you an idea of how to perform keyword research.

All you can do with this Quick difficulty feature is that you can check the list of keywords so you can compare and analyze the keyword list at one time.

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My Lists

This feature gives you a facility to create a list of keywords. After creating a list, you can use these lists at any time.

Simply select the keywords and save them to a new list with a suitable name.

keysearch review
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You can create a new list by clicking on the ‘Save Keywords’ option in the right pane.

To create a new list, follow the steps. Select the keywords you want to add -> click on ‘Save Keywords’ -> Select ‘Add to a new list’ from the list drop-down menu -> Give a suitable name -> and click on ‘Use List’.

Now your list is created and you can find the created list in ‘My Lists’ page.

As the keywords are saved in a list, you don’t need to perform keyword research again and again and it eliminates the chances of forgetting keyword research which you have done before.

Just click on any keyword and it will give you an updated result.

You can delete any keyword at any time from the list. You can delete and merge the multiple lists.

In my view, this is a cool feature because you can find a well-organized keyword research list at a single place.


This is a really new feature from KeySearch.

It gives you a list of current trending keywords from the popular search engine Google, Amazon, and Twitter.

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Type your keyword in the search bar and it will give you a result from big search engine platforms including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Amazona, and eBay.

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Difficulty Browser Addon

You can add an extension of the KeySearch difficulty checker in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

This will help you to take an overview of any keyword while searching on the internet.

Instead of logging into your account, you can check the keyword difficulty without leaving the page.

Once you install the extension, you can check the keyword difficulty and SERP table with all the important metrics.


This feature gives you an overview of your domain or any other domain.

This overview includes main aspects like domain strength, score to target, backlinks, referring domains, organic keywords, backlinks overview, top competitors and more.


What you need more?

This can easily help you to analyze your domain and competition.

Simply type a domain name in the search bar and see the result.

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Backlink Checker

A backlink checker is the most important tool for SEO.

It gives you a feature to check backlinks to the entire domain or any specific page.

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The search stats display the Domain Strength, Anchors chart, Backlinks, Referring Domains, Backlinks with their anchor text and link-type whether it is dofollow or nofollow link.

This also allows you to see a summary of the pattern in link building over the past 12 months for the domain or website that you are searching for.

It helps to determine how challenging a domain or a website would be to outrank.

You can easily filter backlinks based on different multiple metrics such as Link Source, DS, Follow, Links in between.

keysearch review
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This tool allows you to view any number of backlinks or all the backlinks at a time.

You can also export the backlink list. But one point to notice is that the export feature will export all the backlinks if you have chosen the option to display all backlinks.

It may take more memory power and cause a browser crash.

URL Metrics

This feature of KeySearch is pretty straight forward.

Simply enter a single URL or a list of URLs and click on the search button.

It will show you a metrics result shown in the URL Metrics box.

keysearch review
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These metrics include PA(Page Authority), DA(Domain Authority), DS(Domain Strength), Links coming in, Authority links(KeySearch score), Alexa rank, Rank strength(KeySearch score), Keywords the site is ranking for, organic traffic the site is getting, keywords for the URL, traffic for the URL and social stands.

YouTube Research

If you’re a youtube, this feature will be helpful for you to rank on YouTube.

The interface is the same with all functionalities as regular keyword research.

This feature gives you the competition of ranking on YouTube’s first-page search result.

keysearch review
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Like Google SERP analysis, YouTube’s first-page analysis is shown here in the table. This table is divided into Age, Views, titleMatch, and descMatch, Likes, Dislikes, and comments.

Like Keyword Checker, Youtube checker also has a Youtube difficulty checker and YouTube list. You can check up to 50 keywords in a difficulty checker at once.

Rank Tracking

Rank Tracking is one of the most amazing tools from the KeySearch.

It helps you to analyze whether the SEO efforts you’re putting on are working or not. It helps you to track the position of your website for a specific keyword.

This tool will be helpful when you try to build a new link building campaign. Using this tool, you can easily determine whether your SEO strategies are working or not for your website or your client’s website.

This tool comes with the ‘Email notification‘ feature.

Once you setup the email notification, you receive the notification whenever the change is found in the search engine ranking for a given keyword.

keysearch review
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Once you add the new URL to the list, it will find all the keywords for that specific URL page and gives you a notification called ‘We found keywords’.

You can select keywords from that list which you want to track.

Once you add a keyword to the tool, it generates a graph of all ranking positions since you added the keyword.

So that you can send the report to your customers as well.

Plans and Pricing

Get 20% Off | Use Code: KSDISC

KeySearch Starter

  • 200 Daily Searches & Analysis
  • YouTube Search
  • Exact Domain Check
  • 80 Rank Tracker Keywords
  • Link Analysis Access
  • Reporting/API Access

KeySearch Pro

  • 500 Daily Searches & Analysis
  • YouTube Research
  • Exact Domain Check
  • 200 Rank Tracker Keywords
  • Link Analysis Access
  • Reporting/API Access
KeySearch Review
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  1. Their customer service is really super fast and good as well as I overpaid accidentally and they refunded it on the same day in a few minutes after I opened a ticket with them.

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