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Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password without using any software

Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password

Sometimes you are trapped in a situation where you have forgotten or do not know the password of administrator account. there is many software available in a market that guaranteed to unlock or change administrator account password but not all works.

This post will guide you how to change administrator password of Windows 10 system without using any third-party software. Here is the step-by-step procedure to change Windows 10 administrator password.

Let’s Start !

Step 1: Restart your system and boot from any bootable media like CD / DVD / Pen drive.

Step 2: Press any key to boot from bootable media .

Step 3: Select the type of operating system i.e 32 bit / 64 bit.

Step 4: Now press Shift + F10 on the below screen. It will open command prompt.

Windows Setup Screen

Step 5: Type ‘diskpart’ and press enter.

Step 6: Type ‘list volume’ and press enter. This command will list windows partitions and you have to choose your windows partition from the list.

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Step 7: Once you get to know the windows partition, exit from DISKPART by typing ‘exit’

Step 8: Type the drive letter of windows partition and press enter. For eg. d:

Step 9: Type ‘cd windows’ and press enter.

Step 10: Type ‘system32’ and press enter

Step 11: Type ‘copy utilman.exe utilman1.exe’ and press enter. It will make a backup of utilman.exe

Step 12: Type ‘copy cmd.exe cmd1.exe’ and press enter. It will make a backup of cmd.exe

Step 13: Now type ‘del utilman.exe’ and press enter. It will delete old utilman.exe

Step 14: Type ‘rename cmd.exe utilman.exe’ and press enter. It will rename cmd.exe to utilman.exe

Step 15: Now close the command prompt and restart your system.

Step 16: Don’t press any key and let the system boot from primary HDD.

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Step 17: On the login screen click on ‘Ease of Access‘ button.

Step 18: Once you click on ease of access button, it will open utilman.exe

Step 19: Now type ‘control userpasswords2’ and press enter

Step 20: It will open user accounts. Here you can find administrator user account. select the administrator user account and click on ‘Reset Password’ button to set password.

Step 21: Enter the new password and click ok.

Step 22: Now close the utilman.exe and login via new password

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