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What is Linux? – Definition from KpWebSpot

What is Linux

Linux is an operating system. The operating system is a type of computer control program that controls all the activities of a computer, such as Linux, other operating systems such as M.S. Dos, P.C. Dos, and Win-95/98 are similar to a software.

Linux is a 32. multi operating system, designed to be used on Intel 80386 Personal Computer. The development of Linux started in the 1960s. In 1968, researchers from the AT & T Bell Laboratory created an operating system called MULTICS (Multiplexed Information Computer System), after which UNIX was developed in 1969. Linux has been developed from UNIX. Its first version 0.11 was released in 1991. The graphical interface of Linux is based on the X Window System.

Features of Linux

1. Linux is portable

Linux is written in C programming language which is not related to any type of computer hardware, it is capable of running on any type of computer such as PCAT, MACINTOS.

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2. Linux is a multi user and multitasking OS

Multi-user features given in Linux are more powerful than other operating systems, even in Linux, many users can keep many user accounts similar to other operating systems, but many users can do their own work by logging in and additionally users can You can choose your own separate desk top. And independently your different directory password can be given, meaning that no user can make any changes in the directory of any other user.

3. Network information service

A network format structure is created to combine several different types of computers and use them. Which is called networking. Lineex has been specially developed to work in networking. Through Linux, we can share passwords and use the files in groups to be used on the network.

4. Multitasking

In Linux, a program is divided into small tasks. The ability of the operating system to do several things together in some way is called multitasking.

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5. Virtual Memory

If we edit a large program or application. So we need some physical memory which is stored in the hard disk and can be used if needed.

6. Linux is network friendly

The Linux network is a friendly operating system, the usage of Linux is constantly increasing day by day, and even various application software such as antivirus etc. is also required to be updated on time via the internet, meaning that every computer user It has become necessary to stay connected to the internet so it is natural that the popularity of the Internet and the subsequent development Even the operating system is equipped with powerful tools related to the Internet. Today the compatibility of any network has become an important criterion for testing because Linux has been developed by many programmers in conjunction with the Internet, in particular the Internet High priority is the Linux operating system, the ability to work with a strong Internet service provider in its own right. Everything hurts as well as it can act as a client or server on any operating system

7. Linux is open

With Linux distribution, its source code is also available which we can make changes as per our requirement, in this sense, Linux is an open system.

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Linux Hardware and Software Requirements

To run Linux operating system, much less resources are needed than Windows. The minimum hardware configuration required to run any latest version of Windows is also much higher than the requirement for Linux. And on this, it will run faster. (Minimum Requirement )

An Intel 80386, 80486 on Pentium Processor

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