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How to Free Website Uptime Monitoring with Google Sheets

Website Monitoring

The Website Monitor is a Google Apps Script Open-source project that enables you to monitor Google Sheets update and downtime of the website.

The Google Script internally configures a time-based trigger which operates every minute and connects to the specific site using the Google Apps Script UrlFetchApp service. If the answer code is not 200, the owner will be notified by Gmail.

On GITHUB you can find the source code of the Website Monitor. The Twilio API can be extended and SMS alerts similar to business web monitoring services like Pingdom can be sent.

Make your own Google Sheets Web Uptime Monitor

You can create your own website monitor running on Google servers and send email alerts via Gmail when your website is down or backed up and re-accessible.

You can quickly configure Google Sheets to monitor any public website’s uptime / downtime. The setup must be done once and the Google Apps Script attached to the Google Spreadsheet will monitor your websites in the background continuously.

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How to Setup Website Monitor

  1. Sign in and click here to copy this Google sheet into your Google Drive. You can copy to as many account from Google as you like.
  2. Put your website URLs into cell B2 (separate comma) and cell B3 with your email address. If you want text messages to receive alerts, place Yes in cell B4.
  3. In your Google Sheets toolbar, you will find a new Website Monitor menu. Click Initialize and you will receive an authorization request pop-up. Give the access you need.
  4. Return to the Website Monitor menu and select “Start Website Monitor” to start monitoring. Close the Sheet for Google.

free web monitoring tool

free web monitoring tool


How does the website monitor based on Google Drive Scripts work?

A simple Google Script is attached to the Google Table that monitors The script triggers every 5 minutes (default) and then tries to use URLFetchApp. fetch (a wget or curl-like Google function) to get your website. If the HTTP response code is anything but 200, it shows that the underlying website has a problem.

When your website(s) are up or down, the spreadsheet will be recorded. If your website(s) are down or up, you will receive an email and/or SMS.

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