How can I buy bitcoin in India 2020

Bitcoin Legal in India Exchanges Restart IN Banking After the verdict of the Supreme Court. Yes, you heard it Right. buy bitcoin in India 2020 is Now legal.

Now you are sure buying and sell bitcoin in India. Looked this below pic.

  • Save spoke to several executives on crypto exchange to find out about the implications of the supreme court ruling and what their exchanges are going to give customers now that the banking ban is gone.

Tweeted by National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom)”]We welcome the decision by the supreme court to lift RBI’s ban on crypto-currency trading. We believe that banning technology is not the solution; a risk-based system for controlling and monitoring cryptocurrencies and tokens needs to be established.

buy bitcoin in india
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Dr Subramanian Swamy, a Member of the Indian Parliament, kept up with the crypto vs. RBI issue. He tweeted on March 4, referring to the supreme court (SC) ruling on cryptocurrencies: “SC permits cryptocurrency trade, cancels RBI’s 2018 circular.”

Where to buy bitcoin in India 2020?

As we have seen bitcoin’s effects before 6th April 2018. Many people have invested in bitcoin and many have lost a lot because of their association in India. A lot of business has been tied up.

let’s now come to where to buy bitcoin, how to buy and sell bitcoin in India and how to take profit and more…

So here I listed three very relevant and legal exchange app/websites for cryptocurrency. You can buy bitcoins using either of them, as well as other cryptocurrencies.

So No.1 is Zebpay-cryptocurrency exchange and wallet. I also use This and Trusted app.

#1 Zebpay-cryptocurrency exchange

how to buy and sell bitcoin in india
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Zebpay With over 3 million users and $2 trillion in fiat transactions, they have reached dizzying heights in the business of cryptocurrencies since 2014.

There are easy to use. We can add Money in App by Debit card, Credit Card, Directly Through the Bank also.

#2 Unocoin Bitcoin Wallet India

how to buy and sell bitcoin in india
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Unocoin has recently turned into one of the most popular platforms on Bitcoin and Ethereum. A lot of other elements were applied to our environment in order to provide better services.

They believe the best way to grow this industry is through continuous support for good and best quality service. In details, you can read here how that system works.

There are also easy to use like Zebpay. We can add Money in App by Debit card, Credit Card, Directly Through the Bank also.

#3 Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet

how to buy and sell bitcoin in india
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Coinbase was created in June 2012 based in San Francisco, California and is a digital currency wallet and marketplace where merchants and consumers can sell and buy bitcoin in India new digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Etherum and Litecoin

Cryptocurrency is digital money and is transferred over the internet. It is protected by complex codes and does not have a centralised regulator like the RBI or the Federal Reserve Bank.

Many cryptocurrencies need to be looked into and many websites give you the option to sell and buy bitcoin in India cryptocurrency and store it in your wallet.

You may simply add your credit card or debit card to the exchanges and you would need to undergo a two-way verification process.

Other Best Bitcoin Wallets for Indians like Coinbase, Unocoin are popular exchanges to sell and buy bitcoin in India too. Zebpay will need a KYC verification too.

Additionally, you can visit cryptocurrency websites such as and, and choose your own wallet explicitly for bitcoin trading.

There are exchanges like LocalBitcoins where you can get digital currencies in exchange of cash, by meeting the seller in private.

When choosing an exchange, it is important to keep in mind that each exchange has its own exchange fees, such as Unocoin taking just 1% as fees, while LocalBitcoin charges 5%.


Q. Is Buying Bitcoin legal in India?

Ans: After Win the Case crypto vs. RBI issue The Answer is Yes!

Q. How do I buy Bitcoin with INR?

Ans: In India you can buy Bitcoin from an exchange with Zebpay. Zebpay has an Android and iPhone app that lets you connect to your bank account for quick transfers. Other Apps Also available that you can find-out in this post.

Q. Can I Use Two Bitcoin Wallets?

Ans. Yeah! Two, three or more BTC wallets can be used. There are no drawbacks to use Wallet number. The wallets are themselves heavily encrypted and they don’t matter if you use another wallet of the same name.

Q. Can I Transfer and Receive the Bitcoins?

Ans. You can easily give and receive BTC. BTX can also be transferred to other wallets using the wallet address only. The process is simple and clear.

Q. Will Money be Transferred to my Account?

Ans. sure! The money will be transferred directly to your bank account, without any trouble. The transfer mode can vary from Wallet to Wallet but money will usually be credited to your account within 1 business day.

Final Word :

So in this Post mentioned Crypto wallet is the best for Buy bitcoin in India. you can use any of them and Start to Trading in Cryptocurrency.

Here I’m shining on you that, Use any Cryptop wallet, please read Terms and Conditions as well as Wallet and Transaction Fees rules and how many is Minimum Trading Value and everything.

If I suggest for which is the best crypto wallet in India then I’ll Go with Zebpay. if any case your Account not open and you don’t want it then you should try Unocoin.

So this is Quick Guide for Buy and sells bitcoin in India 2020 after Win the Case crypto vs. RBI issue.

I hope this article will help you. If any Query and Suggestion please do comment below and subscribe to our blog.

buy bitcoin in India 2020
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  1. Thanks for Sharing this such a Trustful News. I think Zebpay is the Best for Buy and Sell Bitcoin as well as for Trading.


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