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What are the benefits of Google reviews?

Google Review

Have you ever noticed that you do a keyword search on Google, and after that, you get star results in some of the articles that you find?

If a site is appearing as a 4 or 5-star, then it is getting more clicks than any normal sites. And people who land on that article or site are going with more trust.

Although Google has not said such a thing as its algorithm, many SEO Experts believe that having good star ratings and reviews also helps you in search engine rankings. Because of star ratings, people are more likely to click on your site, and High Click Through Rate helps you rank higher in the search engine over time.

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Benefits of Google reviews

First of all, do we talk about how star ratings help in search results? After that, we will learn how you can implement it on your website!.

If we talked about the rating and review system, it was developed For that visitors can know more about any website, product or service. Positive star rating searchers are shown to show faith in that product.

You might have noticed that some sites include star ratings in their Google search results. This is especially popular for the eCommerce website, like AMAZON, FLIPKART.

However, a ratings strategy is also being used by non-eCommerce brands too. And for good reason – Star rating can not only polish the first impression of your website – in the search result but also in the crowd of Star Sign search results, your website and article will give a new identity, from which searchers can quickly Attract to that post.

According to the Yext study, the click of a website with a star rating has increased by 154%.

In the below-given image, I have given you an example of how the search for a website with a star rating among all ” SEO in Gujarat ” in the search result is more trustworthy & unique.


What type of website is StarRating more useful?

  • eCommerce website (the website that sells anything like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.)
  • The Internet service provider (which provides company internet service or broadband)
  • Product Review websites (Any website that reviews about a product should also use this star rating)
  • WordPress or Blogger Theme Provider (This also can be very helpful for anyone who offers themes for free or premium WordPress or blogger)
  • Online service (online service such as online tuition, online health consultant, online share market consultant, online marriage consultant, etc)
  • May be normal website too (Yes, I feel that if the normal website also wants to use it then there is no defect in it, because if your article comes in search result with yellow star rating then click-through rate will be higher as compared to a normal website)

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How to Show Star Ratings in Google Search Results

Friends, now we talk about how can you get star rating & review in all the articles on your website?

The best thing to do is, you do not have to write a review from any third party. You can write your own review.

For Star Rating, first, you have to install a plugin in your WordPress website called “All In One Schema Rich Snippets“.

After activating the plugin, you can customize it by going to the settings of that plugin. Just like what color of the box do you want to keep, what color of the star do you want to keep, etc.

Now when you are writing a post, at the bottom of the post now you will find a new configured rich snippet box.

Now here you have to click on the “select what the post is about” option and then a drop-down menu will open in front of you. Now select the related use from your article.

if you are reviewing a service, “service” is reviewing the product, then “People” or “People” are writing about a person. You do not need to be more confused. You select the item option, it’s best for everyone.

Now you will see some blank boxes in which you have to fill the information like this –

Reviewer’s Name: – You can write your name,
Item to be reviewed: – Write the article about which you wrote,
Your Rating: Select the out of Five you want to give as many stars and publish the post.

Now if your post is ranked in the search engine then your article will show with yellow stars. Now the chances of clicking on your article will definitely be high.

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